Owning Your Own Business and Being a Mum

This is something I am sure a lot of you are juggling, having a baby and running a business, not having the luxury of maternity leave  and the constant mind battle of being a mum and working at the same time.

Sofia was born in Sept and El Mono Loco had not quite been running for a year, I was completely naive, thinking that nothing would change and she would just fit in with me and my life. To a certain extent she did. I did my first catering job when she was 2 weeks old and prepped all the canapes with her in the front pack. She came to the night markets all summer long and was quite content to sleep in her pram come bed time.

 I catered for christmas parties and weddings managing to keep up the ridiculously high standards that I set for myself. Everything was possible, it was just a matter of being super organised. I was well prepared for the long sleepless nights and the long days, as this was the norm for me having worked on superyachts. What I wasn't prepared for was the guilt, the guilt when I was prepping for a wedding and couldnt give her my 100 percent attention, guilt when I got so involved with a job that I wasn't thinking about her 24/7..... 

But I wouldn't change a thing. I love my job. I love making people happy with food.  I love the stress that comes with the responsibility of cooking a meal for couples on what is the most important and memorable day of a their lives.

But more importantly I love our daughter, more than life itself. Its the love that you can only feel once you have had a baby, a love that you didn't realise was even possible. 

For all the stress and troubles that come with owning your own business and trying to grow a little person, I feel lucky, lucky that when I have down time I can spend all day with her, lucky that she will grow into this amazing little person for being exposed to so many things as a child and lucky that I don't have to go to "work " as such every day and leave her in care 7 days a week. 

That being said, if I won lotto tomorrow, I think I would enjoy being a full time mum! But hey that is just a dream! 

Until then I will continue to Feed Your Dreams


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