Food Truck Companies Provide Healthy Competition for Cafes and Restaurants

There's some healthy competition in town for our cafés and restaurants. Food trucks may be relatively new but they are already adding richness and vibrancy to New Zealand cities and some are even building up big followings of regulars before opening their own non-mobile restaurant.

And, if you think food trucks only serve up deep fried dishes, you haven't tried the offerings from the new generation of mobile eateries. From their creative names to their tasty and equally creative menus, food trucks not only add some fun to the dining scene, these days they blend it with high quality ingredients and professionally prepared cuisine.

Healthy food and using locally sourced ingredients are philosophies shared by many modern food truck owners and they're concepts that are increasingly important to customers. People are looking for a food experience that's gentle on the planet as well as fresh, new and exciting.

Food trucks also provide consumers with plenty of choice. Because a group of food trucks can cater for a wide range of tastes, it's a great way to enjoy a lunch out with colleagues or friends. They have a way of bringing all sorts of communities together.

Of course, the obvious advantage of the food truck mobile catering over a café or restaurant is its mobility. Food trucks come to you - almost anywhere. They're even becoming popular for weddings where couples want a more relaxed casual experience.

Lots of people also love the personable nature of food trucks - it's a very direct relationship between customer and owner. For many food truck owners, it's not just their business but their passion and many customers get a kick out of knowing they're supporting someone's dream. One way or another, the food truck movement definitely looks set to flourish.