Bridget Serafimidis

I  grew up in a  family of self-proclaimed foodies, and learnt from a young age the importance of balancing flavours. So when I had the opportunity to be a private chef aboard a superyacht, I felt completely at ease. I am completely self taught and constantly  learning and improving my techniques and skills in the kitchen. I love to use fresh, vibrant ingredients and believe that you should let the natural flavours of the food shine. My passion lies in Asian fusion cuisine, however through my experience of working aboard superyachts I have developed the skills and confidence to be able to cook a wide variety cuisines.

Working on superyachts, I loved the experience of bringing quality, fresh and seasonal cuisine to the table every day.  I can offer the same fine dining experience in the comfort of your own home as your private chef for your next party or special occasion. I can come to your home and prepare a gourmet menu including canapés and complete three-course meal  for you and your guests. Enjoy the luxury of a no stress party and let me take care of the shopping, cooking and clean-up, so you can enjoy entertaining your guests. I can work out of any kitchen or can bring along the El Mono Loco Truck which is a complete commercial kitchen on wheels.

Please contact us to discuss your catering requirements.